Truth Be Told

Once upon a time,

back in the day and not so long ago,

there was a wild woman.

She didn’t care what people thought about her.

She loved to party with people she called friends.

Danced on tables,

settled for guys she didn’t love,

and every morning she woke up with regret.



She lived this way for years.

Growing more distant from herself every time.

She began to realize that she was her own worst enemy.

She was lost.

But then he found her.

A good man came along and began to show the wild woman just how beautiful life could be.

He was patient, kind, and loving.

They took many adventures together.

Raising their dogs on the rivers and lakes.

Spending nights sleeping in hammocks under the stars.

Taking many trips and trying to spend every minute with each other.

She began to find herself again.

But a new version.

One that made her feel alive again.

Every minute spent with the good man made her love him more.

She was happy.

Really happy.

She didn’t think life could get any better.

But then it did.

The wild woman and the good man had a little girl.

From that point on the life of the little girl became more important to the wild woman than anything she’d ever done before.

Although raising the little girl was trying at times,

The good man & the wild woman continued to love each other,

Support each other,

Stand by each other,

And promised to never give up on each other.

Although the wild woman stills struggles and falls down sometimes,

She never gives up trying.

And for the first time in a long time she’s beginning to love herself again.

As much as she loves the good man & their little girl.

She is not perfect.

She is brave.

She is a wildflower.

And she is me 💛


One thought on “Truth Be Told

  1. Ok. So pure are real. Brought tears to my eyes, especially cause I love the good man and used to be wild girl and their little baby girl. The love that you have for your family and the love they have for you is so abundantly clear in pictures…, and now you’ve added words to make it Even more beautiful!
    I love you all😘

    Liked by 1 person

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