It Could Always Be Worse

My best friend gave me some of the most useful advice years ago. After yet another night of terrible decisions we were laying in her bed, hungover, trying to piece the previous night’s events back together. As our headaches began to set in so did the fuzzy, dreaded memories. At this point I’m too tired to cry or feel any worse than I already do but my bff, being the amazing sunflower she is, turns to me and says, “it could always be worse”; and she was absolutely right. Of course things could be better, but more importantly… they could always be worse

“It could always be worse.”

2020 has started. For me, January 1st did so with a sprained ankle and a stomach bug. Cue the world’s smallest violin, I know -but it started. And with my family. Taking care of me. It could always be worse.

Such a simple but powerful phrase that has given me much-needed strength in tough times. Not only has it pulled me out of multiple mental breakdowns, but it has become my motherhood mantra. So, I challenge you; next time you’re about to lose it and before you go wasting all your energy hating, blaming, & shaming… just tell yourself “it could always be worse” and see how you feel.

Cheers to all the many silver linings in your future, friends 🥂🌥💛


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